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The Beat Goes on for Elvis

May, 2005

The Beat Goes on for Elvis - The Elvis "Hit Making Team" Continues To Dazzle The Entertainment World With Its Unexplained Phenomenon. Presley's Music Entourage continues the Elvis Music Making Operation.

Los Angeles/New York (PRWEB) May 16, 2005 -- Greetings fans! This past week in the world of Rock 'n Roll for the Elvis "Hit Making Team" some great and very special developments happened. First off, Elvis Producer Ray Bardani, who re-mixed Elvis Presley's "30 #1 Hits" and "2nd To None" CD compilations was back in the studio with "HMT" singer John Krondes in New York, mixing the Latin Version of "Vegas In The Morning", the new Party Theme for Las Vegas and its milestone 100th Birthday. John Krondes sang his wild and crazy song in Spanish in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. The fabulous DJ/Program Director of Clear Channel Radio's KWID in Las Vegas, Luis El Tapatio and wife Coco, along with the help of FSA's Rick Matthews, translated "Vegas In The Morning" for John and coached him. Luis and Coco from KWID/Clear Channel did a super job in the translation and a great part of the making of this song.

Ray Bardani has been working with John Krondes and The Jordanaires on this unique "Hit Making Team" project over the last year. Ray Bardani is credited for Bringing Elvis' music Back to the forefront with his wonderful re-mixes of many great Elvis hits. Ray has already mixed seven finished tracks for the upcoming CD for John Krondes and The Jordanaires with The Elvis "Hit Making Team". John and The Jordanaires have, by the will of "Rock 'n Roll Heaven", attracted just about all the Elvis Presley music making entourage to this historical project. The "TCB Band", Memphis Studio Band "The Memphis Boys", the Sweet Inspirations, and other talented Elvis musicians have come onboard to make music with the group. Never before since Elvis died has his complete "Hit Making" unit returned to the studio together to make new music.

Elvis composer Randy Starr has just been inducted into the Elvis "Hit Making Team". Paul Evans, who also made fame writing for Elvis introduced Randy to the project. Randy Starr was with John, Paul and Ray Bardani this past week at Sound on Sound Recording in New York. Randy Starr spent an afternoon with John and Ray Bardani hearing the new music with Elvis' music entourage and turned white as a ghost. Like the rest of the music world, Randy left the studio in a state of shock. Unexplained twists of fate have put the Elvis music making operation back in place. John Krondes and The Jordanaires have nearly thirty new songs recorded with the Presley "Hit Makers".

What has won the hearts of fans worldwide is the fact that John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" are not another immitation of Elvis. Quite the opposite, this team is basking in originality. There is a fierce chemistry on the horizon with this group. This matchless formula of combining the adored sound and beauty of the Elvis players, with new "original" music and songs Elvis himself was to record, with the young vibrant swooner, John Krondes is sending shock waves around the world.

In addition to the new compositions by Evans/Krondes for the project, there are now three (3) Elvis composers offering never before recorded songs, that Elvis Presley himself listened to, liked and held to record. Paul Evans, wrote big hits for Elvis such as "I Gotta Know", "Something Blue" and "The Next Step Is Love" amongst others. John's late father Jimmy Krondes co-wrote with Sid Jacobson "The End", the very song that Elvis sang to Priscilla the night they met in Germany and was later to record. Dennis Lindy wrote "Burning Love", one of Elvis' biggest comeback hits of the '70's, and now comes the addition of Randy Starr.

Randy Starr had twelve (12) songs recorded by Elvis Presley. Starr wrote Hits such as "Kissin Cousins", "Almost In Love", "Yellow Rose of Texas", "The Girl I Never Loved", "Datin'" amongst many others. Randy Starr like his counterparts had songs held by Elvis that may be recorded for the first time with John Krondes and the Jordanaires with the Elvis "Hit Making Team".

The "Hit Making Team" welcomes Randy Starr to the family and look forward to much greatness and success for the next chapter in the life and spirit of Elvis. John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" are working diligently to complete the first CD of music for delivery in the next few months. We are planning to go back to Nashville to record a few more tracks using D.J. Fontana, Elvis' first drummer who played on Presley songs from the 1950's until 1968.

For those of our fans who subscibe to the notion that this "Miracle Project" was designed by the Rock 'n Roll Gods, check this out.....When Ray Walker of the Jordanaires was briefed about the meeting with Randy Starr, he commented on how small this circle really is. Ray told John Krondes tonight that the Jordanaires sang on all twelve of Randy Starr's compositions for Elvis. Even more spookishly wonderful, is the fact that Ray Walker had a few solo parts with Elvis on those recordings.

In other exciting "Hit Making Team" news, John Krondes, Paul Evans and Ray Walker traveled to Los Angeles last Friday 13th May, to attend the celebrity car auction of Elvis Presley's Gold Cadillac. George Barris, who was one of Elvis' good friends had this car made for Elvis and will be hosting this event. George Barris has been a great friend to John Krondes and a staunch supporter of the project since its inception. George has attended two of John Krondes' recording sessions in Los Angeles recently. John and Ray will be making appearances in Las Vegas from Sunday through Wednesday of this week and will be joining Joe Esposito there. Elvis pal George Barris will be flying in to Vegas to join the group as well.

Welcome to the new day when "The Magic Of Elvis' Music Is Back!!!"

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