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Stogie Kenyatta - Performs His Acclaimed Broadway Style One-Man Show.

"The World is My Home-The Life & Times of Paul Robeson."
Stogie Kenyatta brings a unique interpretation to the stage,where he majestically captures the essence of the man. Portraying 10 characters he chronologically takes us thru the life of history's 1ST Black renaissance man & one of America's most complex, brilliant & mistreated citizens.

(PRWEB) February 10, 2005 -- Magnificently performed w/o intermission with props, several wardrobe changes & an inspiring soundtrack. The play opens as Robesons father, A 15 yr old runaway slave, rides the underground railroad to freedom. As entertaining as it is educational, Kenyatta ages from a 5 year old Paul, to the 70 yr old, world weary warrior that the blacklisted Robeson had become.

The show covers the Harlem Renaissance, with music from Duke Ellington, Coltrane, Johnny Hartman, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway & Robeson himself. Kenyatta uses poetry, satire, comedy, singing & brilliant storytelling to introduce us to the scholar, actor, singer, athlete,activist that was Robeson. Kenyatta's portrayal reveals the charm, wit, passion, & human frailties of a life filled with triumphant achievement & the tragedy of hopes unfullfilled.

Robeson's life exemplified all the qualities that our society holds dear & all the courage & compassion that make America great. This son of a preacherman's life transcended race & nationality. His dream for a colorblind society,shaped his belief that, if you accept the fatherhood of God; you must accept the brotherhood of man. He spoke out against the holocaust, visited the Warsaw ghettos in Poland & recorded anti-nazi songs in Yiddish. Before he was blacklisted by the H.U.A.C. hearings, he recieved numerous awards & a mountain in Moscow was named in his honor.
This show serves as a classy, cultural artistic centerpiece & complements any social agenda. Our objective is that the show will inspire an appreciation for diversity & propel it's audience to greater success & guide them to a more nobel life. The show is currently touring colleges, art festivals, & special corporate events.

Jamaican born & Brooklyn bred, Stogie Kenyatta shows his tremendous range as an actor in this tour de force performance. A classically trained character actor with leading man looks; at 6'4" - 220lbs of athletic muscle, he bears a strong physical as well as facial resemblance to Robeson. While his voice is no match for Robeson's bass baritone, it more than adequately serves the piece.

Kenyatta has amassed over 25 TV & Film credits from sit-coms, soap operas, to guest starring on the CBS series JAG. He has performed in Europe, Tokyo, Japan & Okinawa. He was recently invited to perform the Paul Robeson show in West Africa, at the Pan African Film Festival. His wit & sarcasm serves him well as a working stand up comedian and screenwriter. However his one-man show on Paul Robeson is the work for which he is most proud.

Upcoming Appearances:
Cerritos College (2-1-05)
Ball State Univ. (2-4-05)
Florida A & M (2-14-05)
N. Carolina Charlotte (2-17-05)
California Baptist Univ (3-20-05)
Cheyney Univ. of Penn. (4-4-05)
Lincoln University (4-7-05)

For Woldwide Bookings Contact:
Nicholas Anderson, Esq.
Kingston Rose, Inc 310 967 5924
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