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Effective Public Relations Essential for Personal Branding Says Personal Branding Expert and Author Thomas Murrell from 8M Media and Communications

Effective public relations is essential for building a powerful personal brand according to personal branding expert and author Thomas Murrell from 8M Media and Communications.

(PRWEB) February 11, 2005 -- Move over pop star "Posh Spice" Adams and English soccer hero David Beckham, the personal branding power of newly engaged Australian celebrity sports couple Lleyton Hewitt and Rebecca Cartwright could be worth up to $100 million dollars.

“In terms of public relations and effective public relations, their media performance this week in both print and television proves they have the potential to become a truly global brand and rival Posh and Becks on the world stage,” said Mr Murrell.

Hewitt, who has undergone a lot of media training has earnings from sponsorship and tennis valued at $13.7 million per year according to the BRW Rich List.

“Their personal brand is definitely stronger as a couple because they are opposites that attract, and this is always very seductive for consumers in terms of marketing strategy,” Mr Murrell said.

“Hewitt’s values of the gritty, anti-establishment, anti-authority fighter appeal to the Australian larrikin in us all, while Cartwright’s youthful, wholesome girl-next-door image provides a balance to this, a component essential to any brand building” he said.

Mr Murrell is the CEO of 8M Media & Communications, an integrated media, marketing and management consulting firm and the co-author of a new book, Understanding Influence for Leaders At All Levels, just published by McGraw-Hill.

“Brands help keep products or services fresh in the minds of consumers – and good marketers and influencers are able to identify what is at the core of a brand.”

“The outstanding attribute of the Hewitt/Cartwright personal brand is that their values are very authentic and resonate across a wide range demographics, a very clever marketing strategy.”

“Both are not afraid to show their emotions and this is what cynical consumers want in a noisy, crowded and often over-hyped marketplace, plus their clever use of effective public relations.”

Mr Murrell calls this concept Integrity Marketing, where the values of an organization are aligned with those of its staff and customers.

“The fact that both these Australians are so comfortable with who they are in front of the public, whether that’s on a tennis court, in front of a TV camera or doing a photo shoot, means they will appeal to all people, from grandmothers to young kids, and that’s their real marketing appeal as a brand,” Mr Murrell said. More information (http://www.8mmedia.com/).


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