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Are You Still Looking For Positive Upbeat Plays for Black History Month?

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) January 5, 2005 -- New Play Kit eBook Released Just In Time For Black History Month Shows You How To Motivate African American Children To Excellence With Plays Written Just For Them .

Have you ever needed an African American children's play for a special program or event? Do you have a problem finding positive upbeat plays written in the language of today's African American children? Do you wish there were more children plays that express the culture, history, and pride of African Americans?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new play kit ebook "Positive African American Plays For Children" may provide the right plays your children or students will enjoy performing.

There are very few play scripts that are written from the perspective of African American children. To help fill this void, NetNia Communications, is proud to announce the release of "Positive African American Plays For Children" play kit ebook by premier storyteller/playwright Britt Ekland Miller.

"Positive Plays For African American Children" play kit provides alternative plays for anyone who works with African American children. What's more important is that each and every play closely identify with the culture and environment of the children," says Jeffery Bradley, NetNia's publisher and editor.

The Positive African American Plays for Children play kit is a result of Ms. Miller's work with many children organizations and outreach programs. During one of her rehearsals, Ms. Miller asked the children what type of play would they like to perform. Based on the children's answers, Ms. Miller could not find the type of plays at bookstores, libraries or on the Internet that the children were interested in. In essence, they wanted to perform a play that reflected their world as they saw it today.

Together with the help of the children, Ms. Miller wrote "Me In The Mirror". This important play teaches children how to love and value themselves despite their appearance. The play production was an incredible success with the parents and children.

Since then, Ms. Miller has written and produced many plays for African American children. Titles include "Kwanzaa: A Time for Change", "Me In the Mirror," "Back to the Past," "The Slick Kidnapper," and "Grandmother". These wonderful plays are all included in the "Positive African American Plays For Children" Book of Plays.

"Play performances can be extremely effective learning tools," says Ms. Miller, "but they must represent the children's environment, culture, and community."

The "Positive African American Plays For Children" play kit is an excellent way to introduce African American children to acting and theater. Participation in plays help children improve important skills such as reading, writing, listening, and public speaking. They also build high self-esteem, strengthen confidence, and provides positive motivation.

Each play is written with much emphasis on dialogue which allows the suggested settings to be adjusted for individual tastes or environment. They are suitable for schools, back yards, churches, boys and girls clubs, or any place where children gather.

The "Positive African American Plays For Children" play kit comes in electronic version (ebook), paperback, and CD rom for easy use on your computer. All versions are designed for easy use. The text for each play is large and easy to read. The sentences are short but powerful so the children won't have any difficulty remembering their lines or following stage directions.

You can receive the free guide "How To Create Dreams, Goals, & Inspiration With Children Plays!" by logging on to the internet and visiting www.africanamericanchildrenplays.com/pr . You can also write NetNia Publishing, 7311 Caillet, Dallas, TX 75209, send an email at e-mail protected from spam bots .

NetNia Communications is an African American publishing company located in Dallas, Texas. In addition to "Positive African American Plays For Children," NetNia Communications also publish other products including "How To Make Black History Month Last All Year" and "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! How To Grow Dreadlocks In America and Still Get Everything You Want!". For more information visit http://www.netnia.com or send email to e-mail protected from spam bots .



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