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Learn How To Become An Actor:  

So you want to become an actor.  If, by the end of this article, you still want to become an actor - you should explore The Work and Resources to find a coach that's right for you.

This article will prepare you for the job of being an actor. 

Every job has things that we don't like about it - and being an actor is no exception.

One of the hardest things to do and deal with as a working actor is that you have to disassociate yourself from the "becoming an actor" or "making it".  The business of being an actor is that you are always on the hunt for a new job.  The actual acting - is but a small part of being an actor.  Really the job of an actor is looking for your next job as an actor.   

All acting jobs are temporary.  That means at the end of every job (or some time before the end of that job) you'll start to look for a new job.  It's a never ending cycle of meeting people, auditioning, working with your agent, talking with casting directors, meeting new directors or playwrights and always looking.  Seeking. Looking Working.

If you've just started acting, and you've been working at it for at least a few months, you've started to notice this.  It's not unlike always looking for a new job, and waiting for interviews.  See if this sounds like you:  you've just come home from a day job working in a restaurant or an office, and you're exhausted.  The last thing you want to do is start looking for an acting job.  You think to yourself. "If I could just get one big job" or "all I need is one good break".

Think again.  Because as soon as you get the one job.  You'll need another and another. And, if you're prepared to work for it.  You can achieve it.

The other myth to get out of your head right away is "if I can only sign with an agent, all my troubles will go away and I'll start getting work".  The fact is that actors with agents just have one thing you don't have - and that's an agent.  An agent is not a magic pill.  You'll go through a few agents before you find one that really works with you - and believe it when you hear that you'll harder than your agent does on your career.  Remember the agent works for you.  And you'll only be as successful as you work with your agent. 

This constant moving from job to job is what excited many people about acting.  It's really wonderful to go from role to role and place to place (set to set) and meet new people, and work with other actors.  But it can be emotionally exhausting and frustrating - because you'll always be looking for that next job.

This is not something that's only at the beginning actor level either.  Big stars are constantly vying for parts.  Think about how many big, studio movies get made every year (less than 50)  and how many young, famous stars or starlets there are out there (hundreds).  You can bet that until you get to Julia Roberts, or Mel Gibson status that many of today's hottest stars still audition, they still get rejected, and they still work their butts off for their next job.

So, what should you do to succeed...

First of all you have to love the world you live in... You should immerse yourself in the world of acting... See as much theater as you can.  Not only broadway shows, but 99 Seat shows.  There's so much happening, and you should know about as much of it as you can.  If you hear about it, read about it, or know about it - you should think about seeing it.  Yes, you'll see a ton of bad theater.  But you'll also see good theater, meet people and know about your business.

You should also see every movie you can.  This is what you want to do right?  So, you should know movies, and studios, and everything you can about the business of movies and the kind of product that's getting made.  Ask yourselves these questions:

1. Which studios are responsible for the last four successful movies of the summer
2  What's the hot studio right now?
3. What director is hot? 
4. What are the top movies of the year?
5. What movie won Sundance this year?
6. What independent movie directors are hot right now?
7. What indpentent movie actors are hot right now?
8. What scripts have just sold to be made into movies?
9. What movies are in pre-production right now
10.What was the top grossing move this weekend?

There are 50 other questions that need to be asked - but guaranteed that every successful actor knows the answer to at least 8 of those 10 questions right off the top of his/her head.  

So, not only are you looking at what's going on in the industry, but what's going on in your craft.  Who are the good acting coaches in your city.   What's happening in your craft.  It's easy to say you want to be an actor, but being an actor, and living the actor's life is another thing altogether.

Bullseye Marketing

As you start to really know the business, and you start to see trends and things you really like, you'll start to identify companies, people and things that you want to do business with.  That's when you want to start to find people who can help you meet those companies, people etc...   If it's a director of a play you really liked, find out if they're at the theater the night you see a show.  Tell them how much you loved the show, and ask them if they are working on anything that you might audition for... Are you starting to see a trend here?  You're meeting people, you're out working on getting your next job.

Never stop.  never stop.

Just remember, that the reason to become and actor is not to become famous.  It's not to become rich and it's not to win an academy award.  Remember, of the thousands and thousands of actors that have been in the movie business for the last 100 years, less than 70 people have ever won a Best Actor Oscar.  Less than 330 have even ever been nominated.   The reason to act as a career is because you love the craft of acting.  Ask yourself if you'd be willing to live as modestly as you do now (maybe it's not so modest) if you were a working actor.  If the answer is yes, and you have the drive to do it.  You can succeed.

Good luck.


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