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What Do Casting Directors Do
The Actor's Life

So, what exactly does a Casting Director Do?

Well, in the simplest sense, a casting director is the person who is responsible for finding the actors who will be right for the various roles in a production.

Most casting directors are well connected to agents and actors - and most specialize in various areas such as television dramas, or comedies or action feature films.

When you get auditions, you'll primarily be meeting with casting directors. This is the first hurdle that you have to get over. If it's a film that you're auditioning for, you'll almost assuredly be auditioning for the director and/or producers at some point - or the Casting Director may also film your audition for this purpose.

You can think of the casting director as the Human Resources person who is screening people for the job. But, remember, it's their job to recommend you to the next level - so you want to impress them. Don't save your best performance for the Director. Also, remember, the Casting Director will also work on other things. So, you're likely to meet him/her again in another audition down the road. So, always be polite.

Some Casting Directors work for the studios or production companies producing the show or film. However, most Casting Directors are just like you - freelance business people working from production to production.

Once the show has been cast, many times the casting director will negotiate money, schedules and billing with the agents or the actor directly.

Casting Directors can belong to the CSA (The Casting Society of America). This is a national professional organization for Casting Directors - but it's not like SAG and isn't a formal union or negotiating organization.

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