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What SAG is and isn't for Actors
The Actor's Life

There are alot of misconceptions about what joining SAG will do for your career. Many beginning actors think that once they join SAG that they'll immediately start getting auditions and invitations from agents.

Quite the contrary. All that joining SAG will do is to set you back $1350 dollars (the initiation fee) and a percentage of your earnings.

However, you'll be part of a union that is there to protect you - and you'll be investing in a major stepping stone in your career. You'll also have much more legitimacy to agents and producers and casting directors - because you can now be hired for union productions.

The main goal of the union is to make sure that you are making competitive wages and have safe working conditions.

They are not there to help you as a beginning performer in any meaningful way - but they do have some good information

If you become a SAG member, you can attend member-only workshops and seminars and learn the art of acting from your peers and industry professionals.

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