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The Business Of Acting: Business Library 

Here are some feature articles that are hopefully helpful to the actor:

Feature Articles

The Best Guest Authors; The Actor's Life is lucky to have guest authors from time to time.  Check out our guest authors and what they have to say.

General Acting Business

So, You Want To Be An Actor - In this article, have a look at what The Actor's Life is really like.

Bring The Extra to being an Extra When you're an extra, even though you're in the background, you can learn alot.

How Much Do Actors Get Paid.  What's the day rate for actors who are in the union.  A short article to give you the straight scoop.

Protecting Your Privacy As An Actor - Every actor should know these tips about protecting your identity and your privacy

What do Casting Directors do? - You'll meet one for sure at your next audition.  Here's what they do.

Marketing, Resumes & Headshots

Actors Make Sure Your Headshot Is You!  When you're about to create your packaging - make sure you do it right.

Actors, Get Your Resume Together - If this is your first time to put together a resume - this is the right format

Actors And The Unions

How Can Actor's Join The Union - An article on what's like to join SAG and the ways you can join

What SAG Is And Isn't Going To Do For Your Career - A short article on what joining SAG can do for your career

What Are The Other Actor's Unions - A short article on some of the other unions that are typically part of an actor's career.

Actors And Agents

Agents In The Los Angeles Area - This list will point you in the right direction for targeting agencies.

What Agents Do - In this short article you'll get helpful tips about what agents do - and more importantly - don't do

Before You Look For An Agent - In this article, learn about how to prepare to target agencies - before blindly going out and dropping your headshot on their doorstep.

What Not To Do When You're Looking For An Agent - Gimmicks and fads don't work, it's about hard work and research.

Theater In Los Angeles

Local Theaters In Los Angeles - In this list, you'll find local theaters that are in the Los Angeles area.

Equity Waiver Theater In Los Angeles - In this article, you'll learn about how the 99 Seat Plan works in Los Angeles

Internet Resources

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