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Acting Web Site Review: Actor's Access


Actor's Access is a site that is owned and operated by Breakdown Services.  This is the same company that produces the "breakdowns".  Breakdowns, according to the company's web site are "complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts."

Basically, "the breakdowns" (as they're known in the business) are how agents and managers in Los Angeles subscribe to the latest casting notices for their clients.   You can think of them as the job-postings for all the films and television shows that are cast in Los Angeles and New York.  This includes everything from the hit TV shows, blockbuster films, and Student Films.  This service is the pre-eminent method for casting notices for the film and television industry.

The Actor's Access web site is specifically designed for actors.  Using the site, Actors can register, and then upload their resume and photos into the site.  Once in there, the Actor can then submit their photo and resume electronically through the system.  Additionally, the Actor can download any sides from casting notices which are on the site.

Registration is free, and you have access to the casting listings which are made available to Actors.  Note, that this is not ALL of the casting notices provided by the Breakdown Services as mentioned above.  The full Breakdown Service is reserved for recognized Agents and Managers.

Although Registration is free, the ability to get sides and submit yourself electronically requires a subscription to the service.  You have a choice - and can go a la carte (basically paying for each side you download, or each electronic submission) or you can pay $68 per year and you can submit yourself as much as you'd like and download as many sides as you want/need.

Signing up was really easy for us - and once in, it was very straightforward to create a profile, upload some photos and our resume.  Searching and submitting for casting notices was also very easy. 

We interviewed a couple of Actors who currently use the service, and they really liked it.   They said that the real value is in the access to the sides.  Basically, now instead of having to wait for the casting director and/or their agent to fax them the sides.  As soon as they know about the audition, they can get on the site, download the sides and start preparing for their audition.  One of the actor's we interviewed said "this site saves me hours".

So, The Actor's Life gives Actor's Access 4 Stars for cost vs. benefits.  And, because it's associated with one of the longest and trusted services in Hollywood, you know you're getting quality information.

Agree?   Disagree?  Send us a note and tell us what YOU think of Actor's Access.


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